Integrated solutions based on controllers of the series "Impulse 112", sensors and actuators manufactured by Innovative Technical Decisions, allow to perform implementation of full automation of technological processes in the area of public utility, industrial production in the agricultural sector, telecommunications, implement scenarios with automatically controlled ventilation, water supply, heating, production lines etc.

The distinctive feature of the technical offer for automation based on "Impulse 112" controllers is the ease and speed of configuration of automated control scenarios. To do this, the engineers of Innovative Technical Decisions developed a configuration interface based on Web technologies to setup and manage automation controllers, sensors and actuators through conventional Web-browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).

The configuration Web-tools virtually eliminate the need for programmable PLC controllers manufactured by many companies. Thus, the threshold of market entry is reduced, which gives benefits to many companies that mostly do mounting of equipment and work in the public utility sector. It allows to avoid spending of resources on recruiting educated software engineers for programming means of automation (PLCs). The process of programming and debugging taking days, weeks and months, is now turning into the process of configuring through the Web that is done within hours and minutes.

Architecture of controllers

The figure below depicts an architectural diagram with logical blocks forming a solution based on the controllers of the series "Impulse 112". This scheme applies to controllers of the PRO line (where the central logic processor and regional processors are in separate pieces of hardware). For other lines of controllers, one regional processor is usually built-in in the hardware module with the logical processor and acts as a sub-processor.

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