Impulse 112.5

General availability

Universal controller of automation and dispatch control. It is designed to be used in complex automation systems with many measuring and control elements. It's scope of deployment: manufacturing, agriculture, utilities, communications. By using the tools provided in the built-in Web interface it is possible to implement various sorts of automatic control logic in complex automation processes. The controller has system configuration / programming tools that allow to create control scenarios executed on a variety of criteria: occurrence of values within the range of threshold ranges, comparison with internal variables and memory cells, comparison with the data on measurement channels, comparison with the temporarily stored data, and many others.

Video (Ukrainian language): An overview of a control box based on the "Impulse 112.5" controller

Video: Dispatch box on Impulse 112.5

Impulse 112.4

End of sales, on support

Universal controller for automation and dispatching. Can be used in sophisticated schemes of automation with a big number of points of measuring and control. To be deployed in manufacturing, agriculture, public utility sector, telecommunications. Any of the two 1-Wire interface ports allow to use the external peripheral devices in complex automation scenarios configured via the built-in Web GUI. The control scenarios that can be set up are capable of using such triggering criteria as: a match on threshold value, result of comparison with internal variables, result of comparison with values of measurement ports, result of comparison to values of temporarily memorised memory cells, and many more.

Impulse-link 54-4C

Produced on demand

This controller is designed to be an acquisition tool for remote telecom locations. The device allows to connect up to 54 input signals with the voltage range 0-80 Volts. Besides, it allows to control remote devices through 4 built-in output ports. It has a built-in password-secured Web-interface. The signal range for any input port can be configured for both logical "0" and "1".



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