Devices and sensors

SDIG2-OW-48-80 Discrete inputs module, 48 ports, 0-80V signal

Produced on demand

Discrete inputs module for 48 ports with the input signal level ranging from 0 to 80 Volts. The logic chain is electrically unbound from the measurement input ports. The board has lightning protection circuitry for the porReconts, requires grounding. The levels of logic "0" and "1" are configurable on each port.

1-Wire RFID reader of EM-Marine proximity cards

General availability

This reader allows to determine the identification number of the RFID-card standard EM-Marine and send it to the ACS (access control system) controller. It can receive a control byte, which activates the buzzer. Reader Power - 12V.

USB RFID reader of proximity cards 125 kHz

General availability

This reader can transmit the read card IDs of Proximity-EM-Marine cards via USB-port of the computer and output it into a program that makes the request. Works in keyboard emulation mode. Successfully scanned code is transmitted to the computer with the newline terminating character (emulates pressing of the Enter button).

Power control module for 8 outlets with 19 inches mounting

General availability

The module allows us to individually control every single outlet channel separately. The measured parameters are voltage and common module current. These parameters can be obtained by the controller. Data bus can be either RS-485 or 1-Wire (12 V). Logical control part of the scheme and the measuring cascade is electrically unbound from the power lines. Max module current - 25A, max channel current - 10A, min cos φ - 0.85.



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