Field irrigation systems

A solution from the technology provider Innovative Technical Decisions (ITR, ITR Ukraine) aimed at the agricultural industry - an automated system for irrigation of the agricultural land.

Innovative Technical Decisions (ITR, ITR Ukraine) is a Ukrainian technology provider and integrator for various technological industries. The company aims to create relevant solutions including electronics, software and engineering that would give answers to customer’s needs.

A good example of such solutions aimed at the agricultural industry is an automated solution for irrigation of the agricultural land.

This solution comprises:

  • A pipeline system – a system of interconnected pipes of different diameter that carry and deliver water and liquid solutions (depending on the stage of growing of particular cultures) to sprinklers where it is dispensed to the soil.
  • A basin or any other reservoir that holds the volume of water after the first lift from the ground.
  • An intermediary reservoir for mixing of enzyme-rich water solutions.
  • A pump station that includes the first lift pumps, the pressure pumps that maintain the pressure in the pipeline and the circulation pumps that conduct the mixing of enzymes in the intermediary reservoir. The pumps are regulated by the pump station control box.
  • Field sensors and electronics that control the moisture level of the soil and its contents. These electronics control the valves in the pipeline system and take part in defining the schedule of irrigating the soil.
  • A centralized control system that works together with the electronic components and participates in the creation of the irrigation schedule. It also generates useful statistics for the technologists and visualize the entire field along with the soil quality parameters and the irrigation process itself.

Below is an example of a plan of a system for a field of 40 Ha. The plan has equipment plotted on it.

Information from field electronics can be sent to the centralised system through wires or wireless using WiFi, GSM/WCDMA or LoraWAN. Farther goes an example topology diagram for this solution. This topology involves LoraWAN for data transmission from the field electronics to the centralised server system. But the communication protocol and the radio transmission interface may be of a different technology.


An important role in the entire setup of the system plays the centralised software system along with the electronic controllers and the sensors attached to the electronic controllers. The sensors give the precise measurements that are considered by the centralised system, which in turn creates the irrigation hourly schedules. These schedules are then propagated to the irrigation controllers in the field. But even if the centralised system goes offline, the controllers will still work with the latest irrigation schedule and in no event will they water the soil over the required limit. Here is what the electronics in the plastic boxes look like.

Inside the box there is an irrigation control module (a programmable electronic module with analog and discrete inputs and outputs), a battery (so that it continues working across temporary electricity outages), a power supply unit and a couple of relays. The sensors are connected to the control module and the logic inside this controller automates the work of irrigation for a plot of land. It also communicates with the centralised software system (either through a wired port - there is an on-board Ethernet interface or wirelessly - the module has wireless connectivity options). The valves are operated by this controller through the relays.

The technical solution presented on this page allows to grow cultures such as alfalfa with a good yield from the plot of land. For countries located in the Middle East it is possible to have crops throughout the whole year. But to make sure that you can have solid results, the plot of land must also be evaluated by the technologists. The technologists will also prepare the list of enzyms and other fertilizers that must be used to guarantee the results.

If you want to have a solid yield from your field, let us know by sending an email to specifying where you have land, the size of the field and what source of water you have there. We can deliver a turn-key irrigation project to you.


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